Walled Garden

Securely move assets on-chain with Copper’s whitelisting permissions and manage your funds across 35+ exchanges from a centralised log-in.

Whitelisted transfers across the blockchain ecosystem

Securely transfer assets across multiple accounts

Walled Garden operates as a closed environment facilitated by whitelisted address controls. Users with the appropriate permission levels can move funds across whitelisted accounts and across exchanges, thereby guaranteeing that funds will not be transferred to an 'unauthorised' address.

Manage funds across 30+ top-tier exchanges directly within Copper's ecosystem

Through our integration with leading exchanges and by leveraging whitelisting capabilities, Copper facilitates seamless and secure transfers to and from exchanges. Clients can consolidate operations from multiple exchange accounts on our platform, all accessible with a single unified login.

Supported exchanges on Walled Garden

Monitor risk exposure of your positions on exchanges

Users maintain full visibility of live balances per exchange, ensuring comprehensive risk and exposure control. Access to the balance using our Platform, Reporting tool or API.

Maintain optimal treasury levels at all times

Clients can leverage our auto-rebalancing feature, set balance limits on exchanges, and create auto top-up rules. These tools ensure that each account maintains appropriate funding at all times.

Configure your team members' roles for enhanced security controls

Define transaction policies and limits to enable users activities on platform based on your risk appetite. Add approval workflow for transactions for successful execution.

Streamline your treasury operations with real-time bulk transaction.

Use bulk deposits or withdrawals to perform multiple transactions to and from authorised accounts in real-time through our API or by uploading a .csv to CopperPlatform.

Walled Garden vs ClearLoop

Walled Garden

Trade on exchanges, ensuring assets remain secure within authorised addresses.

On-chain transfer. 

Assets move to the exchange operated by users with the appropriate credentials.

Network fees apply when transferring assets.

Trade on exchanges, mitigating counterparty risk and increasing capital efficiency.

Off-chain settlement.

Assets never leave Copper’s secure custody, mitigating the exchange counterparty risk.

Gas-free delegation of assets.

On-chain transfer. 

Off-chain settlement.

Assets move to the exchange operated by users with the appropriate credentials.

Network fees apply when transferring assets.

Gas-free delegation of assets.

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Digital asset custody secured by MPC technology.

Off-exchange collateral management and settlement solution within an English law trust.

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