Copper Clients

Copper builds next-generation digital asset infrastructure for pioneering financial institutions.

Trading Firms

Create a secure cross-exchange trading environment. Pioneering infrastructure enables funds to deploy capital across multiple exchanges, while maintaining independent custody.

Hedge Funds

The speed you need for seamless trading across multiple exchanges. Pioneering infrastructure enables algorithmic trading funds to execute across multiple exchanges, while maintaining independent custody.

Buy & Hold Investors

End-to-end secure custody architecture for crypto assets. Security audited, certified, and insured MPC-protected custodial architecture for digital assets.


Scalable infrastructure for fast withdrawals, savings & yield generation. Secure independent custody with programmable wallet architecture.

Fintech Platforms

Fully customisable wallet architecture with seamless integration. Scalable crypto treasury management from trading to settlement.

DeFi Funds

Secure safeguard infrastructure connected to the world of DeFi. Bridge the gap with access to DeFi smart contracts, and tap into liquidity locked in DeFi using Copper Connect.

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